• No Pet Should Go Hungry
    Help fill this pet's bowl with a donation to The Kibble Kitchen and keep this little guy united with his family.
  • Too Often Pets Lose Their Home...
    ... due to a short term lack of funding. Think of The Kibble Kitchen as a welfare program for innocent pets.
  • Fill This Bowl!
    With just a few dollars, The Kibble Kitchen can turn several empty food bowls (and empty stomachs) into well-nourished pets.
  • Homeless Dogs Don't Last Long
    When it becomes too hard to feed a pet, those pets can become homeless. Unfortunately the numbers don't lie: homeless pets don't last long. Help them out!
  • Be Responsible: Spay and Neuter
    Click here to find some simple and cost-effective ways to ensure your one food bowl doesn't turn into 10 overnight.
Free Supplemental Pet Food

Free Supplemental Pet Food

We assist all Porter County residents and those in Lake county from Lake Station, New Chicago, & residents residing in Hobart with the zip code 46342.
Spay and Neuter Information

Spay and Neuter Information

We offer referral assistance to approved clients of the pantry. And work to inform those of various programs across the area.
Northwest Indiana Pet Project

Northwest Indiana Pet Project

This new project will help owners with everything from vaccinations to flea and tick control. All while promoting responsible pet ownership.
Donated Pet Supplies

Donated Pet Supplies

The Kibble Kitchen offers a variety of donated pet supplies for dogs & cats! We provide supplemental pet food to those facing financial hardship.

Monthly Sponsorships needed! Donate today!

WE NEED YOUR HELP TO TAKE US TO THE NEXT LEVEL. What is the next level? For one thing, it means applying for and getting grants so we can offer S/N assistance to people who can't afford it for their pets. This effort not only helps that particular family, it helps decrease the number of animals needing homes or possibly ending up as yet another sad statistic. Our problem is that we took the great leap of faith to rent the storefront, but now we have monthly expenses. When an organization applies for grants, they have to show that they can meet their budget with the money they have coming in regularly. Grants are to fund special initiatives, such as S/N campaigns. So what we desperately need is to be able to count on $1000 a month EVERY MONTH. Do we have 100 people who could commit to just $10 a month? Or 50 people who can commit to $20? We know money is tight for many people, so we are not asking for huge donations. (Although we would never turn them down!) If you have been a supporter, you know how much we have been able to accomplish starting with nothing but a dream and a passion for animals. We want to increase our S/N community outreach because the need is so great and the stakes are so high. Unfixed animals breed death and suffering and it can be prevented! There are many different grant options we can apply for as soon as we can document regular income. Just $10 a month can make a huge difference. Watch our progress on facebook or our website to see the fundraising thermometer rise! The Kibble Kitchen is a 501C(3) not for profit, so all of your donations are tax deductible. Please help us FIX this problem! Click the donate button and use our Paypal donate which will allow you to set up monthly donations to the pantry!


  • I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your kindness and support of helping those in need. I am a single working person who had 3 dogs. I consider them my kids. Due to many circumstances I ended up adopting my sister’s children, which took a tole on me financially. I did not want to give up my pets (my kids). Times got hard and I just kept praying, about a week or so later I read about the kibble kitchen in the newspaper. It was an answer for my prayers. I know it is temporary assistance, and it sure does help while I look for a 2nd job. I am able to keep my dogs, thanks to the kibble kitchen and all their efforts. Hopefully I will be able to donate back when we get back on our feet. Thank You for ALL you do.
    Anonymous, Happy pet owner
  • I volunteer at both of the local food pantries and when I found out about the Kibble Kitchen I was thrilled. At our largest food pantry we serve about 600 clients a month. A good portion of our clients also have animals. If they cannot afford to feed their family, how can they feed their pets? Unfortunately, some families are forced to give up their animals. Our humane societies and animal shelters are overcrowded. With the Kibble Kitchen, these families can keep their animals! I am so grateful to the Kibble Kitchen...I now volunteer there too. This is helping our community in many ways!
    Lorie Reed, Volunteer
  • I have special needs fur kids with very specific food types they have to eat. Thanks to the kibble kitchen and the huge blessings from the big hearted donors they are able to continue with the food I CAN NOT AFFORD right now. The disability income I receive barely gets me by but thanks to The Kibble Kitchen they can still have what they need ! I am so grateful for this blessing and one less expense to worry about that I cannot afford.
    Dianne Hagle, Happy pet owner
  • Kibble Kitchen Pet Pantry volunteers have committed themselves to helping struggling Hoosiers in their community and surrounding areas keep their pets,” Zoeller said. “That’s why our office chose to recognize their hard work and help support their selfless cause.
    Greg Zoeller, Indiana Attorney General
  • It is our hope these donations will allow Portage’s Kibble Kitchen Pet Pantry to continue to improve the quality of life for local families and their pets,” Sterling said. “This organization serves an important role in its community and The HSUS is proud to support its life-saving work.
    Anne Sterling, Indiana Director, Humane Society