Mission & Vision


To promote health and well-being of companion animals (and their families) in need, through supplemental nutrition, education, medical assistance and referral services in the NWI communities.



  • Increased quality of life and well-being of companion animals in our community.
  • Increased image and public awareness of Spay & Neuter to reduce over-population, shelter numbers and homeless animals.
  • Reduction of animal surrenders for lack of resources or education.
  • Increased community knowledge of responsible pet ownership qualities.
  • Building a community based network of affordable providers and pet services to assist low income pet owners and seniors.
  • All elderly and low income community members to keep their families together by providing resources and referrals during hard times.
  • Increase shelter partnerships to problem solve with potential pet owner surrenders by providing support, solutions, resources and referrals to help the pet stay with its family.



  • To saturate the community with positive education to burst myths regarding spay and neuter and responsible pet ownership.
  • To increase community relationships and build a strong network of partners in line with the mission.
  • To increase donors and grant funding and volunteers.
  • To launch and complete a successful capital campaign to gain funding and resources for a physical location.
  • Create a strong volunteer appreciation program


Final ultimate goal- To develop a hub of affordable pet care services in line with our mission, including sheltering, training, wellness, nutrition, education and spay and neuter, grooming for pets and families in need.