End of the year letter 2012

We thank you for another successful year! Please read & share!.

December 31, 2012 at 5:22pm

Please read and share!

I truly cannot believe that this is it, 2012 is over in hours and the Kibble Kitchen is completing its second successful year. While 2012 has been exceptionally giving to our organization, there have been many defeats too. As with our daily lives there are struggles, staying Paws-itive has taken those defeats to new heights for us.

In my two years of running the pantry there have been several clients that stand out, ones that just touched my heart! The pantry has showed me just how many people struggle daily with life and how the pantry is become an asset to our community. I know this letter may be a bit long but if I don’t speak from the heart, the truth about the struggles get swept aside. From day one, the pantry has always been more than handing someone a bag of dog food and calling it a day. Our volunteers show compassion, friendship, and sometimes share a tear. We hear heart wrenching stories about hunger, death, losses and sometimes gains. It is such a shame that people struggle like this in our community and across the world. Moving forward into 2013 we will look towards the community for help knocking out pet hunger and over pet population in the county.

Without your continued support the pantry would not continue to flourish, families would not receive the help they need and animals would not have a secure future. The accomplishments made by the pantry in 2012 were due to your support. With product donations, monetary donations and volunteer man hours, hundreds of pets were able to stay with their families. Monetary donations are always welcomed and can be easily made on our Facebook page and website! And we will always welcome pet related supplies which can be dropped at our various business supporters! All which can be found via our site! Www.TheKibbleKitchen.com

I wanted to take a moment and showcase some of our highlights from the year and hope 2013 is bigger and better!

Just some of our Paws-itive moments of 2012:

• Spent another complete year in our 1300 sq. ft. donated location in the Portage Commons.

• We completed our 1st year as an official 501(c) 3 non-profit organization thanks to Professor Paul Kolhoff at Valparaiso University.

• Welcomed a new trademarked logo and website all due to Golden Technology in Valparaiso, donating their services.

• Celebrated International homeless animals’ day, which lead to be a very large success for many of the organizations that attend. We look forward to the 2013 event!

• Hosted the first annual Spay-ghetti & No balls dinner, we raised almost $5,000 and served dinner to 300 people! All which will assist low income families with spaying and neutering their companion pets.

*Seen two clients move onto greener pastures, no longer needing our assistance.

*Held 11 successful monthly distribution dates.

*Received a donation of 8000lbs. of dry cat food from Del Monte foods.

*Shared thousands of lbs. of dog & cat food with various animal shelters, animal rescues, pet pantries and humane societies across NW Indiana.

*Spayed and neutered approximately 40 animals all in thanks to Calumet Snap, South Suburban, and the Estelle Marcus Clinic.

*Started working on the first Spay/Neuter program for low income residents of Porter County. The Porter County Pet Project will launch a program that allows animals of low income families to be spayed or neutered at little to no cost to them.

*Built many working relationships with local humane societies, animal shelters, & businesses.

*Supplied well over 12,000 lbs. of dog and cat food to our clients.

*Assisted a local family that suffered a fire, by medically treating their pets, providing pet food and supplies to them.

As I end this letter, this excerpt was written in my 2011 closing letter, it needed to be included into the 2012 end of the year letter as I still stand by the words written then!

“As the year ends our Facebook “likes” can tell you how many supporters the pantry has gained over the past year. Our followings are worldwide, where else can the pantry go but up in 2012. I started this year by myself but finished the year with “WE”, and to clarify “WE” stands for anyone that has decided to join this journey, believing No Pet Should Go Hungry, no pet should suffer or be given up or abandoned due to lack of money. Every volunteer, board member, business, supporters, etc. means so much to the success of the Kibble Kitchen it just couldn’t be done without everyone. We are a team on this journey; each supporter is thought of as part of our Kibble Kitchen family.”

So I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for standing by us since the start, and for those of you that are new to our family I welcome you and promise you that the Kibble Kitchen stands for integrity, what accomplishments or defeats come along we will remain Paws-itive and look to our family of supporters for approval or guidance.

Have a blessed 2013,

Michelle A. Duca

Founder/Executive Director
The Kibble Kitchen pet pantry, Inc.
2012 All rights reserved

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